Best solution for shared storage

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Best solution for shared storage

Beitragvon djamelo » Fr 26. Apr 2019, 16:42

Hi! I just set up Proxmox and this is my first time ever with virtualization. In my machine I have two physical hard drives, partitioned as:

Disk 1:
1. Proxmox system partition
2. Storage partition for VM:s

Disk 2:
- Backup/storage disk

Now I want the content of disk 2 to be accessible from all the VM:s on this machine, without wrapping it into a virtual drive. My plan is to use it as backup for both the VM:s on disk 1 and for other content. What's the best way of doing this? Do I have to install an iSCSI/NFS share on the Proxmox server? All built in local sharing solutions I find seem to involve creating virtual drives.
References: ... -solution/
unlock Exemples.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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