Denied access to external hard drive?

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Denied access to external hard drive?

Beitragvon BrianPugh » Mo 8. Jan 2018, 16:31

I can click on. In the main part of the box, the message reads: You do not have permission to view this objects security properties, even as an administrative user. Below that it reads: To try taking ownership of the object, which includes permission to view its properties, click Change above. I click change and a new window opens: The box reads: Select User or Groups as the title at the very top of the open box. Inside the open box it reads: Select this object type: In the box below: User, Group, or Built-in security principal Object Types can be clicked on. If I click on Object Types, a window opens with Other objects, Built-In security principals, Groups, Users. All of the options are checked. Going back to the previous screen, Select User Or Groups, the second line down in the box reads From this location: DESKTOP next to this is a box with: locations, inside the box. The next line reads: Enter the object name to select (examples) examples is highlighted in blue. I can click on this or enter text in the box below. Advanced check names (inside a box I can click on) are at the bottom of the window.

How do I regain access to my files?

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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