Charging problem. HP laptop

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Charging problem. HP laptop

Beitragvon spadekevin » Fr 29. Jun 2018, 08:18


Bought a new laptop, HP, after 5 days of using it i discovered that the laptop was taking up-to 9 hours to go above 50% with use. Well, when you hover over the battery icon, it says "plugged in, charging" or "plugged in, not charging" this message is really random.
Several days later, I got a new battery replacement from HP, that didn't solve the problem. The laptop itself can run on AC power smoothly without any interruption (so I'm sure this issue has nothing to do with the power cord).
I have also tried various options such as reinstalling things from the device drivers to the whole operating system, which seemed not to work.
Could anyone please offer me a solution, so i could get to the end of this problem?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References:- ... aptop.html
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